How To Identify Your Triggers To Avoid Self-Sabotage

Let me assure you, nothing is wrong with you for experiencing self-sabotage.

It’s your brain rebelling against something ‘new’ or unfamiliar.

The only way to identify your triggers is to, first, understand, how your brain works

For example,

If one part of your brain wants to eat healthy and be at your optimal weight and another part doesn’t want to give up sweets or late-night snacking— this would lead to cognitive dissonance, despite your initial “willpower.”

Watch this video to learn what cognitive dissonance is and how to avoid it

You might be thinking,

“What are the benefits of having strong inner-confidence and self-motivation that help your brain to stay on track with your goals without quitting?”

Here is why,

You need both confidence and self-discipline to instill the motivation your brain requires to follow through with your goals. 

A strong motivation and self-discipline give you more power over your thoughts and feelings, thus giving you more power to concentrate and focus on what you want to achieve.

Being a master of your own mind gives you the confidence that you CAN do it and you ARE responsible for accomplishing your goals. 

Your brain is plastic (aka, the term neuroplasticity), meaning it can change.

It is malleable, like the muscle, but when left without exercise, the mind remains stuck in patterns of thoughts that limit growth.

Brain plasticity is what allows your brain to change its “soft wiring.”

Everything our brain knows is a result of our experiences and choices up until now. 

You can’t change your experiences but you can alternate their meaning and your perception of them.

Just because you failed at changing your habits in the past, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail again.

That’s a victimhood mentality.

And you’re not a victim.

You’re a grownup adult capable of changing and evolving.

Understanding how your brain is wired, in which ways does it affect your habits, is a necessary first step to changing them. 

NLP (neuro-linguistic reprogramming) coaching helps you to exercise your mind, learn new things, improve your memory, and create new neural pathways that promote behavioral change on identity level.

By the way, 

What’s even MORE interesting (to me, at least!) is that YOUR HEART actually sends more information to your nervous system than your brain does, and the quality of these signals profoundly affects brain function.

The brain interprets the signals of the heart to tell you how you feel.

To change how you feel, you need a doorway to the heart to alter the ascending information moving it to the brain. 

Download my FREE guided meditation here.

By using meditation and other NLP-derived techniques, you can re-orchestrate the neurons in your brain to alternate your neural response and help you remodel your behavior.

Are you ready to create LASTING changes in your self-perception and inner confidence?

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If you’re still at a crossroads, unsure where to go in your life, please remember that being lost is not the same as being confined in the past. Sometimes, the only way to ‘find’ ourselves is by allowing ourselves to tap into our creative mind and follow our internal GPS — our intuition:)

The Universe always delivers to those who are courageous and daring to step into the wilderness of the unknown.

As Joseph Campbell said, “the cave you’re afraid to enter holds the treasures you seek.”

Our past doesn’t define us.

It’s our decisions that define our choices how to change what we don’t longer want to experience.Every woman deserves to have it all … and she can!

Let me show you HOW 🙂

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