Healthy (Gourmet) Toppings

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If you still haven`t had breakfast or are going to make yourself a smoothie bowl for an afternoon snack, here are my recommendations how to bring the flavor (and nutrition value) of your fruity bowl to the next level. Yum!

The base of your smoothie bowl should follow a ratio of greens, fruit (I like the combo of juicy low-sugar fruits like berries and the more calorie-dense ones like bananas) , healthy fats and a protein source (added protein will maximize the satiety and will help your body to recover quickly after a workout or a dance practice).


The toppings that I use regularly are:

  • sprouted buckwheat and quinoa (you can find them in stores)
  • soaked chia seeds (soaking turns them into a gooey jello 😜)
  • hemp seeds (very rich in omega-6 and protein)
  • maca powder (an adaptogen proven to balance the hormones and increase the libido…Olala!)
  • mulberries (extra crunchy and you only need to sprinkle a few to get the flavor)
  • cacao nibs (rich in Magnesium!)
  • raw pumpkin seeds (also rich in Magnesium and also protein)
  • goji berries (rich in Vitamin A and Calcium)
  • any superfood (i.g. spirulina, moringa powder, barley grass powder, etc.)

In the pictured smoothie I blended spinach, two frozen bananas (you can use just one if you prefer to minimize the calories), a cup of strawberries, a scoop of protein powder (I used SunWarrior, the chocolate version) and a teaspoon of #spirulina. ☝🏼

I chopped one small plum on top for extra freshness and sweetness 😛

Hope you enjoy this recipes. Stay healthy!

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