Have A More Mindful Holiday in 5 Steps

Christmas (in a non-theological meaning) celebrates the rise of the longer days following the Winter Solstice. It’s a universal holiday that is meant to bring people together, regardless of their religious beliefs. 

Every year, we meet together to celebrate the return of the Sun, and to prepare for the upcoming calendar year.

Here are my tips for having a more mindful holiday.

  1. Make an effort to engage with your relatives even if you don`t feel close.
  2. Focus on their stories instead of talking first. Using empathy is precursory to avoiding unnecessary arguments.
  3. Congratulate them on their achievements, or encourage them if they are trying out something new. 
  4. Instead of being a passive guest who shows up at the door, says ‘hello,’ tastes the food, and leaves – bring something you’ve made yourself, or ask how you can contribute to the celebration.
  5. Instead of choosing generic gift cards, pick something that would make the recipient feel seen and appreciated. 
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The most precious gifts we can give each other are our undivided attention, appreciation, and attentiveness.

Let me know if any of those suggestions resonated with you, and if you have anything else to add to the list.

Marry Christmas! 🍃🍎🍇🍷

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3 Comments on “Have A More Mindful Holiday in 5 Steps”

  1. It is the best way, indeed, to celebrate Christmas – to be fully present.
    Thanks for your thoughtful and inspiring messages throughout the entire 2019
    May you have a wonderful 2020! Looking forward to your next achievements and posts.

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