Get Back Your Power!

We, human beings, have the precious gift to GROW from any challenge. 

To either let the obstacles burn our passion or ignite our strength.

To make us stronger and eager to move on. 

And as phoenixes, to transpose our ashes into gold. 

*To make peace with the past

*To forgive and detach

*To owe our mistakes

*To admit we have failed

*To send love to our wound

*To allow healing to bloom

*To be bold to take action

*To monitor our reactions

*To peacefully let go of what we don’t want in our day

*To trust something better is coming our way

*To take responsibility to find our path.

*And, determinedly, take our POWER back!

If you know somebody who needs to be reminded of their power, forward them this post.

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~ With Love and Care,


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