Eden Bread – Healthy and Nourishing as Mother Nature!

I personally follow a predominantly raw way of eating (about 80-90%).

However, I felt inspired to prepare some soulfood for people who are not always bananas for bananas like me and enjoy eating solid meals. Plus, it is very therapeutic to prepare food. I absolutely enjoy cooking for others!

For the recipe, I used a cup of flour and mixed it with a cup of blended oats and a spoon of flax and sesame seeds for taste.

Add a spoon of vinegar, Himalayan salt, a little bit of baking soda and olive oil and knead the mixture until it forms a shape. Decorate with toppings of your choice and bake until crispy.

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I hope you enjoy making and eating this delicious bread. For me, the pleasure of cooking comes from the ultimate satisfaction of feeding not just yourself but the ones you love!=)

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