Why You Should Eat Smart, Not Less, To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Are you feeling frustrated with headlines that tell you: “Eat this, don`t eat that”…”do this, don`t do that”…”foods X are bad for you” …”foods Y are good for you”…etc…?

Every year, there is a new trend: vegan, keto, paleo, low-carb, high-fat, Mediterranean…you name it…

Eating a certain way just because it`s popular is not going to result in sustainable results.

The only thing that is going to give you permanent changes is figuring out which way of eating is the most optimal for your age, ethnicity, body-type, hormonal profile, activity level and fitness goals.

The main reason diets don’t give dieters lasting results is because they don’t stop the feelings of wanting a specific type of food; they only suppress them, temporarily!

Only 2% of the people who follow a diet to maintain their desired weight follow through.

The rest 98% gain the weight back, plus some.


It’s extremely unsatisfying, tedious and boring to eat plain tasteless food that you don’t like just because a friend told you she’d lost weight eating this way.

Virtually everyone can shed a few pounds with restriction…. for a short period of time.

Let me assure you that I understand your frustration.

When I was first learning about nutrition, I experienced a reoccurring roadblock that was blocking me from instilling the healthy habits I was trying to adopt.

After realizing that most programs and diets out there ONLY teach you information about food, without explaining the psychological aspect of self-sabotage, I had to figure out how to attain and maintain my ideal weight on my own.

As you probably know, theoretical knowledge is not the same as embodying the knowledge.

You can know everything about eating “healthy” and still do the things you know you shouldn`t be doing.

I will tell you a free secret…willpower is not enough... despite what most diet “gurus” are trying to sell you.

You have to change your habits first by rewiring your brain to stop sabotaging your efforts.

Motivated to figure out how to stop my own disorder eating tendencies, in 2018 I created my 90-day program, and not only did I help myself to get in the best shape of my life (physically and emotionally), but I’ve been helping my clients to do the same!

If you’re tired of counting calories, measuring portions, and feeling deprived, schedule a free discovery call with me to discover what’s the root of your self-sabotage and what could you do instead to attain your ideal weight naturally, sustainably and permanently.

Not sure what “intuitive hunger cues” are?

I have an article about this here as well.

In my work, I help women who are sick of dieting how to lose weight by learning how, when and what to eat for their body type, lifestyle goals and age.

When you have the support and accountability, you’ll be able to attain and maintain your ideal weight effortlessly, and get rid of the habit to eat foods that are either causing you to obsess over with over-eat them.

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Remember this time when you started with a piece of cake and couldn`t stop yourself until you ate the whole thing?

Do you want to figure out how to enjoy your favorite foods without binging on them or feeling lethargic and guilty afterwards?

I can help!

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