Eat More Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene

Our bodies are so smart!


During winter, when there is less sun (therefore, less exposure to vitamin D), I have been craving extensively skin-enhancing vitamins like beta carotene.  And there is a reason why!


When we consume orange foods (carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, squash, peppers, persimmons, apricots and the like), our body converts the beta carotene compounds into vitamin A (asp used topically as retinol). 

If you want a brighter and clearer complexion, natural glow and better vision – go grab an orange snack and chew on few carrots. 🍑🍑🍑🍊

How to make a raw carrot cake with few ingredients and no nuts (allergen-free recipe) 🍅🍅🍑🍌


What You Need:

• Three large carrots

• Two persimmons and few big carrots

• Few dates (if you like it sweeter)

• 1/2 ripe banana

• A cup of mulberries • A teaspoon of cacao and carob powder

• A splash of almond milk

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1) First, in a food processor gently press the mulberries (no liquid!) until they form a thick paste. Combine with the spices and the cacao.

2) Separately, blend the rest of the ingredients with the carob powder and the almond milk.

3) Let it sit in the fridge for a least an hour and enjoy with love! 💥



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