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Rishma Gupta

Love the classes..  I always leave the class with relaxed and happy mind smile.

Thank you for conducting these classes!

Nesho Neshev

Great classes – I love the rhythms and the atmosphere! It is a great way to get your workout and Ana-Maria Georgieva’s passion for the dance it truly inspirational for the students.

Ginger Sue Marel

Ana-Maria Georgieva is terrific! I love her classes because she gets my old feet moving to some terrific music. I have taken Jazzersize and Zumba and they hurt my knees. I had to do some serious rehab to get them back in shape. Ana-Maria’s dance moves never bother my knees. I’m not an athlete but I have gotten stronger thanks to her. My knees and joints are all happy and more limber now! It has been a long time since I was a teenager, so these things are important to me. I have 10 acres to look after and I’m able to do more work on the farm now. Thank you, Ana-Maria!  Dance on!

Nadia Kemerova

Ana-Maria, thank you for the great class. It is a perfect combination of Balkan music and innovative exercise. Your passion for dancing motivates us to do our best. I also love the variety of healthy recipes that you share with us on here. I look forward to many more classes with you.

Teodora Toteva

I like very much the Balkan – dance fit classes! It is more fun than fitness. Ana Maria is a very good instructor. I like the balance between music and moves. It is a very good experience and I am very happy to be attending it!

Yu-chi Kelly Huang‎

I am so sad to be leaving Seattle and one of the reasons is because I just discovered Ana-Maria Georgieva’s Rhythmic Dance Fit and Balkan Dance classes a couple months ago at YMCA of Greater Seattle in downtown. There’s always new music and new dance moves. Ana-Maria is creative, energetic and inspiring. I think she’s got a real niche in the classes she designs and teaches. I will miss her!

Elena Nesheva

I took a few classes with Anna Maria and I enjoyed them a lot! The music comes from different Balkan regions and the dances are fun. I didn’t notice how the time went by. I was very satisfied with the workout and I wish more studios host her classes as well.

Y Daniela Bailey

I love going to your class!

Katya Gadjeva

Ana-Maria’s “Balkan dance – fit” is truly the most unique and energizing fitness class I’ve ever seen. I can’t tell how excited I was when I first heard about it, I thought ‘what an amazing, genial idea’ and it was so original I almost couldn’t believe it. Well, it is real and really amazing! She uses mostly Balkan rhythms and the best of them, also there is some reggae and other really good music she sneaks into it. Sometimes it looks a little bit like Zumba but to me it’s even more unlikely to get bored after many classes. Also I should mention how amazing Ana-Maria is as an instructor, she made us feel so welcome and she wanted to know our preferences about the intensity and which songs did we like the most. I think the class is AWESOME! I am thankful that I found it and can’t wait for the next season.

Timothy Byrne

The class was very fun, challenging as well. Ana-Maria had lots of infectious energy and was very encouraging. and also broke down the move and explained it so it was easy to follow. I will definitely go again!

Isabela Arnaudov

I truly enjoyed the “Balkan dance fit” class! You will get a great exercise in this Balkan version of Zumba, while enjoying wonderful beats that will make anyone jump and dance. This class can be a great fit for both beginner and advance dancers. The movements and combinations are unique and fun!

Kimberly Klenner

I loved going to Ana-Maria Georgieva’s Balkan dance-fit classes so much! It is so much fun and you can really see the love and joy she has for teaching the class. The music she chooses is different and very easy to move to. All around a great low-impact, high cardio, workout that leaves you feeling invigorated for the rest of your day. I highly recommend her class! Kimberly Klenner

Alicia Likkel (Zumba Instructor at YMCA, University Way Branch)

Ana-Maria Georgieva is a talented, reliable, joyful dancer, and Zumba instructor. Her eclectic playlists and original choreographies inspire students to exercise while having fun! Although she is a highly skilled artist, she is mindful of the many levels of dance represented in her classes. Her moves are consistent, clear, and easy to follow. I always look forward to dancing with Ana-Maria!

Mariya Apostolova

I’ve known Ana-Maria for a while now. I personally witnessed the emerging of her unique form of aerobics. Ana-Maria pours out wholeheartedly her impressive folklore background, and stirs it with her extensive modern dance practice into this absolutely delicious and stress-relieving class.

I highly recommend this class for anyone who would like to enlarge their cultural horizons, while building a strong and graceful body in a fun and accessible way.

Polina Hristova

I can’t wait for the great music you will introduce us to and to the challenging but very energizing dance moves that you will teach us. Can’t wait to meet some new people and have great time dancing. I am relying on your class to keep me in shape for the Tough Mudder race I signed up for at the end of September so you better be ready for me.

Svetlana Avramova

I am honored to recommend Ana-Maria Georgieva and her Balkantonics classes. Not only does Ana-Maria exude an intense amount of energy during each of her classes but she radiates with dance love. She is very creative combining the Balkan music we love with the healthy moves that help our bodies, guaranteeing great workout while having fun. After her classes I feel full of energy and excitement.

Bogdan Darev

Balkan dance-fit is much more than just an aerobic workout. Half way though, I realized Ana-Maria Georgieva’s workout was a fusion of her passion for dance and passion for a healthy lifestyle. The combination of dance and aerobics is addicting. Not to mention that the musical selection makes you want to go to a gypsy wedding, pick an instrument, learn more about the Balkans and perhaps even visit!

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