10 Lessons You Should Learn From Covid 19

10 life lessons we learned from the COVID-19 subsequent global lockdown.

1. Relationships are your best asset

– No financial success can compensate the lack of love, partnership & emotional intimacy

Use the cursor to see the difference

2. Working from home is much more difficult if you don`t like your job

– If you love your job, working from home feels like paradise (zero time commute = more time to work on your goals!)

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3. If you are pro-active and think outside of the box, you can still increase your income

– Now it is the time to start the side hustle you`ve been thinking about

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10 jobs you can do from home

The motto of my work is that where there is a will, there is a way! When one job closes, another one opens!

4. Not eating smart keeps you lethargic and tired

– Also why you don`t want to exercise

5. Happiness is a daily choice

– You are responsible for your own happiness
You deserve to live a life that makes you feel happy!

6. If you are not in the driver`s seat, you are the passenger

– Don`t let excuses keep you stuck!
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7. If you want to stay fit without a gym, you can!

– The question is, do you want to, or not?

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8. Spending too much time on SM consumes your mind and sucks your productivity

– Wondering why are you so “busy…,” check how much time you spend on SM/per day; you will be amazed!

9 Practicing self-care keeps you sane

– Isolation is mentally very taxing and you have to invest an effort to feel good, and keep it scheduled

10. Having a growth mindset allows you to come up with opportunities for personal development and be self-motivated

– Having a fixed mindset shackles you to stay complacent and miserable

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