Coping With Challenges: In 3 Strategic Steps

Challenges are, no tautology intended, challenging, and always require a direct investment of mental courage and empowering self-talk.

When we perceive difficulties as welcomed transitions to something inherently better, we adopt a more peaceful and determined mindset that we can deal with everything that life sends our way: both positive and negative. 

In fact, very often that which we have perceived as negative gifts us with a precious opportunity to learn a new skill, experience a new sensation, and grow as human beings.


The steps I follow when I am dealing with any transition/challenge are the following:

1) Search for signs; 2) Show up for the assignment; 3) Understand the lesson.

I. Searching For Signs 

Signs are sneaky to catch and quite often blurry.

To dismantle their euphemistic nature, we have to spend time in silence to decipher their rooted meaning in meditation. 

Our gut and intuition are impeccable in their advice but, in order to understand it, we have to detach the ego-mind from interfering with the message that we are receiving.

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And that only happens if we don’t maneuver the interpretation of the sign towards the direction we (think*) want.

Our intuition would often tell us to do the opposite of what our comfort level is.

II. Showing Up For The Assignment 

That one is very individual depending on our current situation and life circumstances: can be anything from ending/reshifting relationships; moving to a new job/location; going back to school/or leaving it altogether; transitioning to a new career path, etc.

What you really want is not on the other side of fear; it`s on the other side of procrastination.

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III. Understand The Lesson 

Understanding the lesson can only happen after we have learned it, and there is no shortcut to learning without showing up for the practice.

As Charles Bukowski said: What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

In that context, we can’t learn how to walk through any challenges unless we take action and experience the lesson.


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To Recap: 

I. Our meditation practice shows us how to interpret the sign(s).

II. Showing up for the knowledge we gather is our initiation to the lesson we must learn.

III. Experiencing going through the passage discloses the purpose of the lesson and its significance for our growth.




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