Being On A Sugar Roller-Coaster Ain`t Fun!

Do you eat enough foods that are energizing?

Did you know that eating too many carbs can produce mental fog, lethargy, and fluctuating energy?

Here is the thing. I love carbs (specifically, fruit!)! And not all carbs cause our sugar levels to drop, so no need to panic.

In fact, when we eat a complex carb that is coupled with healthy fats and protein, our body absorbs the carbohydrates at a much slower pace, which means we get more and more sustainable energy during the day.

The more sugar you eat, the less likely you are to stop.

Or at least I haven’t met a single person who binges out on avocados and Brussels spouts;)

Have you?

Anyways, you got the point.

Knowing what foods are healthy for you and eating them are TWO completely different things.

Would you agree?

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If you have ever experienced symptoms of constant hunger/constant need to snack, dehydration, irritability, low energy, or hAngriness – you may wanna do a self-check and eliminate excess sugar from your diet.

A proof that you can change at any age; as long as you commit to it!

If that sounds difficult, use my daily energy log (free download down below).

Remember, if we cannot “see” it doesn`t mean it is not there.

We might be oblivious to how much sugar we consume because sugar hides in so many foods.

If you need extra assistance, I am here to answer any questions.

Stay healthy!

The ‘Blood Sugar Rollercoaster”

~ Ana-Maria

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