Back-To-Basics Smoothie Recipe

I get a lot of requests for simple recipes and here you have it – a basic delicious smoothie that you can do with only three ingredients! 


Smoothies are portable, packed with nutrients and very hydrating. Plus, it saves you a lot of money to make them at home and take them with you at work or at the gym as a post-workout quick meal. 👉🏻 It best to pour them in a mason jar, or in a non-plastic container.


For this basic smoothie you only need:

two cups of spinach

one banana

a cup of blueberries.

For the liquid base add a cup of water (or, if you are more e almond milk/coconut water/cold green tea).



If you would like to nutritionalize it even more – add a tablespoon of hemp seeds (very rich in omegas and protein) and few mint leaves (for flavor). If you need extra protein, add more hemp seeds and a scoop of protein. I use @1stphorm (the vegan edition). Just make sure to add more water.


➡️ Best to drink your smoothie with a straw and actually chew them instead of gulping the liquid to send signals to your digestive tract to release enzymes and absorb the nutrients more efficiently.



I am curious: Do you drink smoothie often? What is your favorite simple recipe? Comment below and forward this post to a friend who is a smoothie newbie and wants to learn how to do it. Make sure to check out all the recipes I have shared on this blog: type “smoothie” in the search bar.





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