Discover The Steps To Attaining Your Ideal Weight Without Deprivation

Do you want to invest in the level of health you want to experience ten years from now, starting today?

I help women just like you to find the eating protocol that gives them energy and I coach them how to attain/and maintain their ideal weight without feeling deprived or measuring portion sizes.

Schedule a consultation now and I will help you to uncover what`s been stopping you from stepping into vision in the past, and helping you decide what to do next to turn this vision into your reality.

Even if you decide not to enroll as a client, you will complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to move closer to your most optimal weight.

And if you DO decide to work with me, you will learn everything you need to know to get started: including pricing and payment plans.

During the consultation I will guide you through the structure of the 90-day Transformation Program and you will have the opportunity to have all of your questions or concerns addressed and answered in detail.

As a bonus, you will get to experience the benefits of laser coaching in real time: at no initial cost.
My client Ginger shed 25 + pounds during the duration of our work together. She loved the results so much that she worked with me for an entire year.

Whether you have 15 pounds to lose or twice as much, I will coach you how to get there.

You can do the program one time (90 days), or continue re-enrolling until you reach a level of complete self-empowerment.

For those of my clients who want MORE, I also offer the Life Purpose Program.

I`ve coached women just like you to transform their lives from the inside out and I am looking forward to connecting with you one-on-one.

Also, I want you to know that I, myself, used to struggle with body image, adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalances for years before I changed my lifestyle. I know how it feels to be constantly tired, drained, anxious, lethargic, confused what to eat and self-conscious.
The transformation I offer in my program is not only physical, it is also emotional, mental, and spiritual. By learning how to nourish you body, you will discover an entire new world of self-care, self-acceptance and self-love.
You will not only change your eating habits but will also feel empowered in every other area of your life!
I pour my entire heart and soul into my coaching because I`ve been in your shoes, I understand your struggles, and I know how to coach you to unleash the radiant energy, youthfulness and unshakeable confidence that waits to be released!

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~ Ana-Maria

A testimony from a client of mine who recently completed her coaching program.

April, 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Dear Ana-Maria,
I have come a long way with you.  When we started, I was afraid of food because of my food allergies.  I was carrying too much weight.  I was often confused about so many things.  I was afraid to speak up for myself because I thought I would alienate my friends.  I often procrastinated and “over thought” set up requirements or results.  With your help and guidance, all if this has changed.
My biggest food problems were with meat, and you taught me how to prepare my own food so that my meals are now energizing, clean and vegan.  As I changed my diet, I began to shed weight because the bad foods I had accumulated in my body were released.  As we began to focus on changing the numbers on my scale, I learned that some foods that are healthy can also cause weight gain, so I now know how to limit those foods and still keep them in my diet.  I learned how to voice my opinions, wants and needs in better ways.  I have a better relationship with myself and the people I love.  I learned how to put energy into my projects.  It began with putting energy into my diet and moved to putting energy into my feet to go look at the project and make a list of requirements that I needed to purchase, then making everything happen.  This is included asking for help when I needed it, and finding the help was there all the time!
I am grateful that you have chosen this line of work.  I am grateful for your help and guidance.  I am grateful that you listened to my concerns and that you had good solid answers that I could act on.  I am grateful for your carefully crafted meditations and affirmation lists.  I am grateful for shedding weight so that my horse had less weight to carry.  I have less weight to carry when I exercise, do my chores and do the little things like tie my shoes.
Love and hugs,
G. R.

My own transformation.

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