Are You A People`s Pleaser? Questions For Personal Reflection

If you are a chronic people-pleaser,  you can easily get trapped in a vicious cycle of basing your self-worth on external approval.

Do you want to learn how to build unshakable confidence so you can say NO to peer pressure and YES to healthy boundaries and groundedness into your TRUTH?

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How To Resolve Conflict in 5 Steps

Ask yourself: 

🔅 Do you tend to alternate your behavior to replicate other people`s behavior, even if it contradicts your usual manners?

🔅Do you catch yourself mirroring their body language and lexicon instead of speaking your mind?

🔅Do you act in a certain way to receive external validation or compliments? Do you often succumb to peer pressure?

🔅Do you change your plans or goals if you don’t receive an immediate round of applause and gratification?

🔅Do you constantly worry about how others perceive you even if their criticism doesn’t resonate with your intuition?

~~~•None of us is immune to the judgment of others.


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It is your responsibility to recognize when your actions (or self-expression) are not in alignment with your authentic self and ask yourself why you need people`s approval?

What need is not being met in your personal life? 


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