A Return To Love

rise in love

I would like to open this post with a reference to the author and motivational speaker Marianne Williamson whom I respect deeply because she has the gift to write about our human imperfections in a compassionate and non-preaching way. 

She says that the effort it takes to grow out of painful patterns feels more uncomfortable than remaining in them.

A return to love cover by author Marianne Williamson

Ultimately, the harsh truth is that sometimes we are our own enemy when it comes to happiness. Somehow we choose to remain in the “comfort zone” of being miserable and a victim of our circumstances than to be brave and start giving love first.

Being a carrier of love is the only path towards unconditional acceptance and freedom from fear. It is when we condition our state of being loved on external circumstances than we get stuck into old patterns and behaviors.

As the wise adage goes: “Nothing happens until I make action!”

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