The 90-Day Total Transformation

Do you struggle to eat healthy and lose weight?

Do you want to attain your healthy weight without restriction? Do you currently feel alienated from your body? Do you crave sugar every day? Does your skin look tired? Do you feel lethargic? Do you wish it was otherwise?

I can help you shed the extra weight without counting calories or measuring portions. 

The last client I coached shed 15 pounds in six months and did the program twice to release all the excess weight in total of 25 pounds. You can read her full testimonial here.

As I changed my diet, I began to shed weight because the bad foods I had accumulated in my body were released.  As we began to focus on changing the numbers on my scale, I learned that some foods that are healthy can also cause weight gain, so I now know how to limit those foods and still keep them in my diet.  I learned how to voice my opinions, wants and needs in better ways.  I have a better relationship with myself and the people I love.  I learned how to put energy into my projects…I have less weight to carry when I exercise, do my chores and do the little things like tie my shoes….This is included asking for help when I needed it, and finding the help was there all the time!

A client from the program

If you want to change your habits forever, build unstoppable confidence, and attain (and maintain!) your ideal weight without deprivation – this program is your solution!

In this coaching program, I will help you to learn how, what and when to eat to nourish your body and feel energized, confident and youthful.
You will also learn Who are you being while you are eating and how your emotions affect your cravings for sweets or processed foods.
Food will never have power over you again. You will get your Power back.

At the end of our coaching work together, you will not only LOSE weight. You will KEEP IT OFF. You will change your habits forever.

If attaining your ideal weight with no deprivation sounds as something you really WANT, scroll to the bottom to book your discovery call and learn more about the program.

The 90-Day Transformation Program Break-Through

1. Know Thyself: Build more self-awareness how to recognize and interpret the signals of the body that cause you to feel satisfied (physically, emotionally and spiritually)
2. First Steps: Learn how to recognize your sabotaging patterns and employ proven techniques for managing stress and avoiding falling into old, deconstructive, habits
3. Growth: Step into your personal power needed to help you release the stubborn fat and feel confident in your skin: from the inside out! 
4. Graduation: Attain new baseline that is the foundation of your life-changing, sustainable, physical and emotional transformation.

Upon completion of the program, you will achieve 3 major outcomes:

1) Learning what foods are optimal for your energy and for your ideal weight

2) Practicing mindful eating and feeling more alert and energized

3) Creating new empowering habits that transform you from the inside out!

What Others Say

Dear Ana-Maria, I want to thank you for sticking with me to help me shed over 25 pounds! You helped me change my diet for the better. Previously, I was afraid of food. You taught me about foods that I had never heard of before. You taught me how to “eat my greens” and really like it. You taught me quick, easy meals and some of them are portable…We also worked on my mental “baggage.” There were issues from my childhood that were still weighing me down with fear and self-doubt. The affirmations you sent to me were wonderful, for 2 reasons: (1) because it was obvious that you really heard me, and (2) because addressing my issues as they came up over the months, you helped me teach my brain how to set these things aside in appropriate wats through the affirmations and meditations of the week…I feel great. Now that I have less weight to move around I move around much more easily. The little aches and pains that are usually attributed to getting older are a non-issue. I am dancing more, I am walking more, I am enjoying my life more…Issues that used to get me down or make me angry no longer tun my life. I don`t dwell on them like I used to. They no longer hold power over me.
It`s totally working. Everyone is commenting on how good I look. I feel so great. My skin is glowing…I feel happy, energized and confident. I eat anti-inflammatory and anti-aging foods, and I feel and I look younger. I feel so much better about my self-esteem.
It is very important to work with a coach because you keep yourself accountable…learning how to eat, what to eat, and implanting positive seeds in your brain.I highly recommend it to everybody! It`s the perfect package: getting all the information I need, the motivation, and the support. I absolutely recommend Ana-Maria to everybody! I am so g lad she is in my life. It is PRICE-LESS. It`s the best investment you can do in your life. You are changing your habits forever.
Ready to create your own transformation?
Do it for your health ten years from now. It is reflected by your health choices today.
~ You deserve to look&feel great!

Everything I promote in my coaching programs, I do it myself.

It works for me, it works for my former and current clients and it can work for you as well!

Let`s talk.

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