7 Types Of People You Need To AVOID If You Want To Be In A Healthy Relationship

Do you want to attract an emotionally available partner who is confident, reliable, and intellectually mature?

If you see that the flag is RED, pretending it’s green doesn’t make it less red.


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7 Types Of Dating Personalities You Should Watch For

1) The Anxious Attachment Style – commonly seen in people who are clingy, insecure in themselves, or constantly needing external validation

2) The Avoidant Attachment Style – commonly seen in commitment-phobic people, playing hot & cold, usually emotionally unavailable

3) The Narcissist – commonly seen in self-serving individuals, generally unreliable, focused on their own needs, their words and actions rarely match 

4) The Drama Addict – commonly seen in individuals with unresolved trauma bond; they often expect the “other shoe to drop”; tend to instigate unnecessary arguments or conflicts to get the adrenaline from the “chase.”

5) The PLAYER – commonly seen in manipulators who prey on the people’s insecurities to feel in charge; like to play power games to mask their insecurities

6) The “DOM” – commonly seen in women or men who are accustomed to taking financial care of their partners who are significantly younger than them; they tend to dominate over their partners and treat them as trophies 

7) The Catfish – commonly seen in dating profiles where people would fake their personalities or photos and ghost their date without a proper explanation 

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As I often tell my clients, just because there is a pattern in your brain that is already programmed to attract toxic relationships, this doesn’t mean you should act on it. 

The great news is that our brain is malleable and can be rewired with practice and commitment 🙂 

The question is do you WANT to learn, or do you want to keep saying, “oh, things are fine…”

The only way to attract the Love Of Your Life/Or Improve Your Current Relationship(s), if that’s what you want, is to change your inner dialogue and build internal confidence that includes clear communication and setting healthy boundaries.

7 signs you are rising in love with the ‘right’ person for you ♥️♥️♥️

1. You can spend hours with each other and never feel bored. Your conversations flow freely and enrich your consciousness.

2. You discover peculiar coincidences in your present and former experiences. You feel like you’ve known each other forever.

3. You both feel a magnetic force that goes beyond chemistry. You feel a strong connection between your physical and spiritual energies, and you maintain it beyond the initial phase of attraction. 

4. You have strong commonalities and shared values and balance each other in other areas. You make a great team!

5. You have a shared or a similar sense of purpose and push each other to grow and evolve as individuals and as a couple.

6. You feel safe to express your opinions and needs openly and without reservations. You understand each other on a soul level.

7. You have developed a telepathic bond and can feel each other’s energies, thoughts and emotions.

Do you want to attract your ideal match?

  • Someone who deeply values and respects you? 
  • Someone who is emotionally available and reciprocates your affection and attention?
  • Someone who is mature and knows what they want in life?
  • Someone who is dependable and does what they say they would do?
  • Someone who communicates well and shows up with empathy and integrity in their communication?
  • Someone who is not manipulative and has your best interests at heart? 

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