7-Layered Gourmet Cake – VEGAN

A Decadent Vegan Cake That Will Appeal To All Tastes

I highly recommend you trying this recipe.  

Investing energy into cooking a meal is not only self-rewarding but also energetically charging for the people who consume it. With every bite, they absorb the love you prepared the food with.


1/5 packages of gluten-free crackers*

A cup of oats 

2 cups of Coconut milk

3 ripe bananas and 5 frozen

2 small plums (a quarter of a cup of dried prunes works too)

2 teaspoons of Vanilla

A cup of strawberries

2/3 tea spoons of Unsulfured Molasses

Drops of Lemon Juice

A tea spoon of Cacao Powder (or Carob)

A tablespoon of almond butter 

A cup of unsweetened coconut flakes

A pint of blueberries

A packet 70/80% Vegan dark chocolate

*You can substitute the crackers for oats only. 

Note: Usually I encourage you to modify and tweak my suggestions according to the ingredients you have at home but for this particular cake my tips is that you follow closely the measurements in order to achieve the taste I was looking for in creating it – tart, gooey, not overly sweet, and chocolatey mouthwatering.

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1st Layer: Soak the crackers in coconut milk (just for a second or two to soften without breaking).

2nd Layer Adding no liquid, blend the ripe bananas with the strawberries and the cocoa (or Carob), adding the Molasses (*or Maple Syrup) and two tea spoons of Vanilla. You can use Stevia as well but Molasses gives a better taste for this particular recipe (It is also not so processed like white sugar and is also rich in Iron and Copper).

Add the mix on top of the 1st layer.

3rd Layer: Blend the oats and place them on top of 2nd layer.

4rd Layer: Blend 3 frozen bananas (with traces amounts of liquid; I used coconut milk) with the two small plums (or, when not in season, dried prunes) and some lemon juice (and place on top of 3rd layer. Add a tablespoon of almond butter into the mix to enhance the creaminess and richness of the formed paste.

5th Layer: Repeat the 1st layer by soaking crackers in coconut milk and placing them on top of 4rd layer.

6st Layer: Blend 1, 1/5 frozen bananas with the coconut flakes.

7th and last Layer – By pulsing on low scale, blend the dark chocolate and the prunes until they become like crumbs and gently spread the paste on top. The finished layer can be decorated with fresh blueberries.

For the decoration, I also used also açaí powder, goji berries and basil.

Finally, make sure to keep the cake in the fridge for at least 6 hours. Then grab a spoon and ENJOY! 

wasn’t paying attention on the number of the layers until I sat down to write the recipe but am actually not surprised– 7 is a magic number and that cake transcends your senses into a fairyland too!;)


I hope you enjoy this recipe and let me know if you make it. 

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