Pasta-Free Pasta

A delicious gluten-free alternative to regular pasta

Welcome To Luna Voda Coaching

Would you like to try an alternative to regular pasta?

Try zoodles.

If you are familiar with the ”zoodles” terminology you already know what to expect in this post.

If you`re not, it simply means spiralized zucchini.

You need a spiralizer, or a basic spiral slicer.

For the “pasta” you need 2-3 big zucchini.

The dressing I recommend should consist of healthy fats like avocado or hemp seeds, spices (oregano, cumin and black pepper), cherry tomatoes and lemon/lime juice (or apple cider vinegar).

Another way to do is to whisk two tablespoons of tahini with lemon juice, 1ts apple cider vinegar vinegar and some water until it gets creamy. I

Those of my favorite dressings:

  • Half to a medium avocado, basil, one medium orange, mango or two/three small tangerines, cup of cherry tomatoes, oregano, lime juice, paprika (or chili flakes), a pinch of Himalayan salt.
  • A tablespoon of…

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