Three Steps To Unleash Your Creativity And Ignite Your Passions

Are you craving a positive change in your life?

Have you thought already about changing your career or starting a side hustle?

Do you have a persistent draining feeling that your current job is sucking the life out of you?

Do you want to be more creative and spend more time enjoying what you do for work as oppose to slaving yourself to working for money and feeling miserable at your job?

Welcome To Luna Voda Coaching

What is creativity exactly?

Creativity is an ever-flowing source of inspiration that fires up your passion.
it is when we COMPLETELY let go of the inhibition to be creative when we can unleash our already inbred creative power.
Here are my three pillars towards unleashing your creativity – the creativity we all humans have inside us, regardless of our “left”/“right”-side of our predispositions.


We express our creativity differently. For some people creativity means painting or taking photos while for others it can be expressed through styling hair, knitting, cooking or creating web design.
Once you find your creative outlet, you must connect to it and recognize it as your main source of intrinsic passion.
When we are passionate about our creative mark, inspiration follows us everywhere we go and fuels our success in life.
We begin to “breathe” our creativity, to exhale creativity and to channel creativity.


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