Forget the diet. Discover the optimal foods for your body and health.

Welcome dear soul, please know you are safe with me.

As a health&life coach and dance- fitness instructor, my ultimate goal is to help you achieve your goals: whether is losing weight, feeling more confident, or simply learning how to eat more mindfully and take a better (and holistic) care of your body, mind, and spirit. 

In this program we will cover the following five fundamentals of a sustainable weight-loss:

  • How to eat
  • What to eat
  • When to eat
  • Where to eat
  • Who are you when you eat

In order to achieve that I will help you uncover what’s been stopping you from achieving your goals before; teach you how to create a powerful vision of what achieving your goals will do for you and for your relationships; help you discover which foods and lifestyle habits are getting in a way with your optimal wellness; and, most importantly, encourage you stay committed to your new habits until they become your second nature.:)

The 90-Day Transformation Program Break-Through 

Session 1-4:Build intuition and start to recognize the signals of the body. 

Session 5-6:Learn to recognize self-sabotage and replace health-impeding habits with nourishing habits. 

Sessions 7-10: Techniques for managing stress and stepping into your personal power to change and feel confident in your skin. 

Sessions 11-12: New baseline. Creating life-changing, sustainable, physical and emotional transformation.

In this 90-day program you will receive:

  1. on-going support from me (via texts, emails, and weekly check-ins)
  2. new meditation recording each week to help de-stress your mind and connect you to your body
  3. customized affirmations that assist you to visualize and attract your end goal
  4. on-going guidance on nutrition and mindful eating
  5. a short exercise routine you can do at home (per your request)

Upon completion, you will achieve 3 major outcomes:

  • Setting up the conditions for inevitable success
  • Finding out which foods are right for your body
  • Converting these new healthy habits into behaviors that last!

You will not only lose the extra weight but will feel more energized, vibrant and happier.

It is your time to feel confident, alive and energized!

I honor you for taking this step and look forward to supporting you on this adventure.

~ With love and care,


My Story

During my adolescence (and early twenties) I used to battle chronic dieting, body dysmorphia and binge exercising for years! Eventually, I learned that in order to fix my obsessions with food, I needed to heal my relationship to my body first, and develop an internal confidence that doesn’t depend on external validation. Once I aligned my internal confidence to my external projection, everything else came into place. I learned how to nurture myself properly, to maximize my fitness and mental performance, and how to become more peaceful and mindful with regular meditation practice. I now maintain my ideal body weight effortlessly. And you can too!

If your intuition tells you to enroll, please don’t dismiss it by saying that you “don’t have time.” The time is never “right,” until you decide it to be. I am here to motivate, coach, support and facilitate the stepping blocks this journey. You are way more powerful than you might think. Let me show you how to connect to this power. You will transform your life forever! <3

What Other Say

Thank you, Ana-Maria for your patience and understanding.  I recognize that being healthy is about more than just food, it includes stress issues and exercise.  You have been so patient with me, helping me past my natural resistance to change, helping me get restorative sleep, dealing with my likes and dislikes in foods, and giving me personal exercises that I can do.  The personalized meditations are outstanding.  You help me to let go of my fears.  The weekly check-ins are so beneficial.  During the week you send me wonderful recipes and you listen to my feedback on them and adjust them as needed.  I never got much from affirmations that I learned from other “coaches” because they didn’t understand who I am and what I do.  The “one size fits all” didn’t fit for me at all.  The specific affirmations you have given me, make all the difference.  When I tell you the negative things in my life, I am confident that you take these in confidence, but the cool thing is, you carefully turn them into positive goals without ever mentioning the negative place they came from.  I expected to go through some changes with my body, and I expected that some changes might be hard to handle, but you helped me through it all with new techniques I had not heard of before, which made the changes easier and the results are terrific. Already I am healthier and stronger than I have been in quite a while.” – Ginger R.

Before booking, please allow me to emphasize that carrying an extra weight usually means some sort of imbalance between yourself and your body. However, my job is not to assist you to chase an unrealistic weight-goal for your frame, but to help you arrive and maintain at the weight that is uniquely perfect for you.

This holistic weight-loss program is designed to give you great results within 90 days; however, you may continue to work with me after the three-month frame 🙂

To book an introductiory session (and/or) inquire more information, please send an email to I will contact you back within a 24-48h frame.:)

It is Your time to feel confident and empowered!

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Health coaches trained by the Health Coach Institute achieve “habit change” via coaching and do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. Always consult your doctor. Your health coach is happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your wellbeing.

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