Overview Of The 7 chakras In The Body: What Are They, And How To Know If They Are in Balance

Overview Of The 7 chakras In The Body: What Are They, And How To Know If They Are in Balance

Overview of the 7 chakras

Root Chakra

Shapes our sense of security

 “I am safe, grounded and connected”-Muladhara Mantra

In the first chakra, to be aware is to be tactile. Nothing happens until it happens in the first chakra; and nothing has happened until we sense it, until we feel it in a tactile way,
until it touches us…

Rosalyn L. Bruyere,  Wheels of Light
  • Located in the hips and genital region
  • Defines our relation to the Earth and impacts our vitality, passion and survival instincts
  • Governs safety: do we feel safe in our home, relationships, work, etc
  • Is very transformative: can transform anger into passion, but also can become stagnant
  • When balanced – it cultivates healthy sexuality, stability and security 
  • When in Imbalanced –  it can result in psychical aches, pains, eating disorders, financial difficulties and other addictions

Sacral Chakra  

Shapes our creativity and desires

 “I allow sweetness, sensuality and passion into my life”-Svadhisthana Mantra

  • Located in the lower abdominals and digitals
  • Holds our sensuality and sexuality
  • Represents our passions and desires
  • When balanced: we connect and create easily
  • When imbalanced: we deny our creative energy
  • Developed in childhood when we start to form our belief system
  • When we block this energy, we feel dissatisfied
  • When we unleash it, we feel “enough” and connected 

“We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotionswe also numb the positive emotions.”

Brene Brown

Solar Plexus

Shapes our sense of stability and empowerment 

“It is safe for me to be powerful. I can, I will, I do”- Manipura Mantra

  • Located in the abdomen (it symbolizes the bridge between the 2ndand 3rdchakras)
  • Governs the digestive organs 
  • When we question our beliefs, we question our identity
  • We first understand the physical world in this chakra
  • The place where we store our judgments (the second brain, “the gut”)
  • When balanced: it helps us express our decisions and power to decide
  • Represents the power to create the life we desire 
  • When imbalanced: we lack compassion or enough self care and feel helplessness, co-dependence, disempowered
  • The place where we store our judgments

If you want to learn more: continue exploring this blog

To have a healthy heart, you need to practice forgiveness and compassion – check out this article to learn a very easy method to release old fears and forgive those who wronged you.:)

Heart Chakra

 “I am loving and I am loved, I embrace the world”-Anahata Mantra

  • Located in the heart region (the bridge to emotional, physical and spiritual worlds)
  • Symbolized the pulse of life and our childlike joy
  • When balanced – it represents our natural ability to feel joy, compassion and love
  • When imbalanced –  it can show up as heart problems, disorders of the respiratory system like asthma and bronchitis, allergies and pneumonia
If you wish to learn more about how to build unstoppable confidence – check out this guide.🙂 ❤

Throat Chakra

“I lovingly speak my truth, clearly and positively”-Vishuddha Mantra

  • Located in the throat region
  • Expresses our uniqueness and our authentic truth
  • Resonates to a place of full expression
  • What we desire to speak versus what we say 
  • It governs how we communicate our thoughts and feelings
  • When balanced –we speak our truth with confidence
  • If imbalanced – it results in feeling of victimization and fear of standing up for yourself and owing your words
“The More I look. The More I see. The More I feel.” – Depeche Mode

Third Eye

 “I trust my intuition and dreams, I am clear”-Ajna Mantra

  • Located in the space between the eyebrows (Control center of all other chakras)
  • Master control center for the Pituitary gland
  • Governs the way we create our life through our senses
  • It stimulates our intuition and higher wisdom 
  • When balanced – we trust our intuition and have the clarity to “see” 
  • When imbalanced- it results in distractions, hormonal imbalance, headaches, distorted vision, inability to plan for the future
In order to connect to your intuition, you need to practice self-awareness and no-judgment. Here are some tips that might help!

The Crown Chakra

“I am open to receiving the limitless abundance of the universe”

-Sahasrara Mantra

  • Located in the ethereal space above the head 
  • Governs the pineal gland
  • The seventh chakra is responsible to awaken us to our higher purpose in life
  • When balanced – we feel awaken into our spiritual beliefs and capable to express our free will 
  • When Imbalanced –  it may result in overabuse of spirituality or meditation and disconnection to the physical experience 

I really hope this (general!) overview is helpful and gives you some insights. If you wish to learn more, contact me directly or – even better – sign up for the dancefitideas`s newsletter! My team and I will be releasing a lot more information and guidance soon, so make sure to stay tuned!

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How To Beat Procrastination: Forever!

How To Beat Procrastination: Forever!

Procrastination haunts us the most when we feel overwhelmed, intimated, or incompetent to complete the task. These three strategies are a proven method to keep you on track and reignite your motivation for success.


In the end, it is all about progress and not perfection. Once we set our mindset on that concept, our perfectionist ego calms down and allow us to do the work.

Your guide on how to beat procrastination (scroll down to download it as a pdf) 

I. Break Down Your Goal Realistically

Instead of planning to climb Everest in one day, which sounds intimidating from the very beginning, make sure your goal is specific, measurable and achievable, realistic and time-bound (yes, it spells SMART)!

II. Make Yourself Accountable 

Make sure you’re using a device that records your progress (an app, your calendar, or your journal). For example, you can use the website IDoneThis which sends you automatic emails at the end of each day to poke your mind. Or, of course, find your own method that WORKS for you!

III.  Reorganize Your Life

When tracking your progress, ask yourself:

Is what you currently doing shifting you towards your goal, or is it keeping you stuck in procrastination and distractions? Are you prioritizing your main goals, or are you jiggling so many things, you’re losing inspiration to complete any of them? 

Visualize that your goal is a house you are building and that procrastination is the garbage that prevents you from living in a clean environment.  So what do you do when our home needs cleaning? You go ahead and put it back in order. The more we procrastinate, the more clutter we accumulate. 
Same applies to our goals: get rid of the clutter, refocus yourself, take a deep breath, and start getting things done right off the bat.

To Recap:

  • You make sure your goal is specific, measurable and achievable and, most importantly, it makes you enthusiastic and excited to do it.
  • If this is not the case, you find an effective way to keep yourself accountable and motivated
  • If the first two steps still don`t work, you find help by hiring a coach, looking for a mentor, watching webinars, or learning from You Tube (for free!)


Remember, even if you don`t have the resources to hire a coach or enroll in a program that teaches you how to be accountable, you always have the resources within yourself to make it happen.


I am gifting you these strategies in a PDF format so you print it out and start making progress – Today. 

~ With Love and Care,


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It’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness.

Tony Robbins

How To Discover Your “Why”

How To Discover Your “Why”

By following these five steps you would get a clearer understanding of the meaning behind your goals; you would know if the means of the goals is the same as the ending result you think you are after; and you would be more equipped to take a directed and an aligned action.

By following these steps, you will find your WHY 

The paradigm of any substantial change and life-transition is to discover the why underneath the WHY of your decision.

In order to achieve clarity and solidify your motivation follow the steps below and write them down in your journal.

1️⃣ My decision to… (fill in the blank)
2️⃣ By making this transition, I am looking to achieve…
3️⃣ I would like to feel more… in my life
4️⃣ This is important to me because….
5️⃣ If I don’t make this change now, what will my life be like for me six months from now?

Please answer thoroughly these questions and keep addressing them as time goes by (on a daily basis) to keep yourself accountable that you are following what’s the true meaning behind your goal.

For example: people often say they want to lose weight, when they actually want to feel better in their skin and to be more confident; people often chase the goal of making an x amount of money when in fact they actually want a fulfilling career and more freedom to travel and do their hobbies; people often fixate on finding a partner when, very commonly, they want to feel the love they are not giving to themselves, etc.

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Why underneath the why and Henry Ford quote
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Let me know, what is your WHY. Comment here or, if you wish, join my private FB group: by clicking here.

Please remember that you don’t need to have all pieces of the puzzle sorted out in order to enjoy the process of resolving the riddle.
We don’t have to be in a place “z” in order to enjoy not being there yet.
We don’t have to know all of the answers in order to enjoy receiving them with an open mind and a clear from sabotaging fears and worries heart.

What we all need is to untangle the core purpose of our intention and chase not the goal itself but the why underneath the why.

Learn How To Manifest Anything You Want: In 3 KEY steps

Learn How To Manifest Anything You Want: In 3 KEY steps

Reality is bendable to our intention

Thoughts are reactive to our mindset

Our mindset is prone to adaptation to our intention

To manifest anything you desire, you need three fundamental tools: vision, intention and a precise goal.

Before we begin, let’s go over a few facts about our brain:

  • The conscious brain perceives the past and future. The nonconscious brain has no perception of past or future; to the nonconscious brain, everything is happening NOW.
  • The conscious brain operates with a very short-term memory span, whereas the non-conscious brain remembers everything it experiences FOREVER.


As writer and researcher Dawson Church says in his book Mind To Matter:  “The way we direct our awareness produces profound and immediate changes in the atoms and molecules of our bodies.”

The way you shift your consciousness predicates how you view your reality. Correspondingly, when you create the mental vision for what is it you want and need: your sub-conscious mind begins to align with that thought. 

As Albert Einstein is said to have noted, “Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” What that means is that for your sub-conscious mind anything you think becomes your belief system; ergo, your beliefs literally shape your consciousness. As a result, you indirectly influence your external world to match your internal emotional state of being. Isn’t it so fascinating how powerful our thoughts are? For me, it is absolutely mind-blowing (pun intended!:))

In the same manner, when you think negative thoughts and experience frequent self-doubt and feelings of undeserving of happiness, you emulate those emotions to the world. As a result, the likelihood is that you are going to pass on on an opportunity to be happy and fulfilled only because your subconscious mind is too worried that you are not capable of coping with success. Quite ironic, isn’t it, but it is how our brain works.  

Once you become adamant and persistent in reaffirming to yourself that you are worthy, willing and capable to create the life of your dreams, your critter brain (responsible for the flight-or-fight response) starts to loosen up and allow your consciousness to believe the thoughts you are sending out to the world through your body language and self-talk.  


”Intention triggers transformation of energy and information. Intention organizes its own fulfillment.”Deepak Chopra

Productivity is a result of our inner belief system about what matters most. It is what we do with all of those resources: let them spill and turn into nothing, or use them to chase our goals. Once you have the intention to go from point “A” to “Z,” you start to prime your brain that change is not as scary as it seems; intention is the action-map that backs up your vision with a strategic neural linking (I recommend you to continue reading more in this article).

In other words, instead of just day-dreaming about the thing you desire, you start to make a daily action towards it. Eventually, your subconscious mind begins to notice that you are doing the effort to show up for your goals, and you gradually create new neural pathways that match your intention.  Even the smallest step counts! It may take you longer but it is still moving you forward.:). Patience is key when it comes to reaping the seeds you are implanting in your sub-conscious mind.


Not just a goal, but a goal that is describable. If your goal refers only to a specific noun that is void of meaning (“success,” “money”, “new relationship,” “new career opportunity”), you are literally shooting in the dark when it comes to the law of metaphysics. You need to know very well WHY you want your goal and how , attaining it, will make you feel. When it comes to money, for example, we rarely want money per se. Yes, we need money to pay bills and contribute to the economy, but when we ask for more of it,  we usually mean we want more freedom, more fulfillment, and more security. 

Before you start manifesting, make sure you are really aware of the difference between `wants` and `needs` and ask yourself whether what you want and need results from the same source. If you think you need a job X t, but you actually want to be a freelancer, then manifesting this job doesn’t align with your emotions. So, most likely you won’t get it, or even if you get it, it won’t make you happy, whole and complete. That example applies to every situation. 

To Recap:

The formula for successful manifestation consists of:

1) Having the vision of what you want. 2) Setting the intention to back up your vision with daily action. 3) Focusing your intention towards a goal that is meaningful to your heart, and not just your brain.


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