How To Know If You Are Ready For A Change: 3 Major Signs To Look For

T.S. Eliot said it so eloquently:

“The end of all exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Life is an odyssey and we are meant to change our environment (every so often) in order to grow, learn and explore different sides of ourselves, and of the world around us.

If you are currently at a phase in your life where you feel as it is about time for you to venture out of your comfort zone and move on in life, this self-check list is designed to help you decide whether or not it is time for you to make a change.

3 major signs you’re ready to move on (or move out from your current life situation):

1️⃣ You no longer relate to your current environment

Whether it’s your home, your job, the relationship you’re in, even your town (or country): something in your life feels out of sync with your goals for the future. But to know confidently what you truly want, you should be very very honest with yourself and create a plan.

I advise you to take a pen and paper and write it all down: imagine how do you want your life to look like six months from now, one year from now, and a couple of years from now? Will staying where you are move you closer to where you want to be, or shift you backwards? And how would that feel? In both situations.

For many of us, change feels equally exciting and terrifying. And righteously so!

Change is scary. We are creatures of habit and is in our dna (thanks to our critter brain) to rationalize ourselves out of moving on just because we are accustomed to being in the same environment. Please revisit what you wrote in your journal and be open and honest with yourself: does it make you happy and excited to wake up every day where you are? If the answer is ‘no’, it’s time for you to move on, and move forward to whatever it is that makes you happy and excited. Regardless of how drastic or subtle this change may look like for you.

2️⃣ You intuitively feel that life has plans for you and that you can’t optimize them fully if you don’t make a major leap forward.

It’s simply not possible to stay where we are and simultaneously move forward. Marching in one place doesn’t shift us from where we are. And it doesn’t give us clarity either. Thinking and planning our next move is crucial, and you need to be mindful and strategic about it. Often, the actual execution may take longer than you desire. However, despite how long it takes, change comes from engagement, not just thought. 

My favorite motto (that always pushes me through stagnation): “If you want something you‘ve never had, you must be willing to do something you‘ve never done.’

@ Thomas Jefferson

3️⃣You constantly receive signs from the Universe that is time for you to change your life.

  • Perhaps you keep stumbling over new job offers
  • Perhaps you continiously bump into quotes or sayings (or even blogposts like this one) that motivate you to seize change
  • Perhaps you frequently find yourself scrolling on social media (or pininterest) looking for home interior, or travel destinations, or different job alternatives
  • Perhaps you see ads for educational programs that align with your true passions in life
  • Perhaps a friend recommends you a book or podcast that resonate with your current situation, and inspire you to take action

Whatever it is, go for it. Your intuition knows best. Trust your gut, trust the Universe, and trust that there is no “right” time to make change. It will always be “now”.

Really hope those 3 tips are useful, please let me know in the comments below. Also, if you suddenly think of somebody who needs the extra push to make things happen for them, forward and share a long.


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