“Comparison Is the Thief of Joy” : How To Stop Comparing And Start Living

I chose to quote Theodore Roosevelt`s wise saying that comparison steals away our joy because it describes so accurately the effect comparison has on our emotional state of being.

When we compare ourselves to others we usually do it from a place of uncertainty, doubt and low-self esteem. The way to monitor those feelings and use comparison to our advantage is to reverse our reaction to other people’s acomplishments, success, appearance and status by looking within and releasing the beliefs that there is an actual difference between us and the people we compare ourselves to.

Because there is not. But what there is is a social construct that creates barriers and walls between people. In reality, at the offset of our biological lives we were once all innocent babies. Yet, each of us has a unique story, a unique path and a unique set of life lessons for us to learn from before attaining our goals. We don’t accidentally meet people who seem “better” or appear more “successful,” or as if they “have what we don’t.” We notice them – everywhere – around us only when we feel incomplete or less confident in our abilities, physical appearance and skills. When we feel strongly confident in ourselves, however, we begin to compare only to the best version of ourselves. And we stop worrying what other people are doing, or displaying to be doing on social media.

Before comparing to others, ask yourself: “Why does this person or situation trigger me to feel bad about myself?”; “Does comparing to them uplift me or does it bring me self-doubt?” “Do I compare myself to others because I genuinely look up to them, or because deep down I feel jealousy and envy?”

The more you compare to others the more you remain stuck in the gloomy feeling of misery, unworthiness, comparison and perpetual self-doubt. But the sooner you release the pattern of comparing yourself to other people, the quicker you begin to adopt the new belief that there is an equal share of abundance, happiness and success for all of us. And that we all have access to it. The only true competition is between you and You. Consequently, the more genuine joy and admiration you feel for people who seem to have achieved more than you, the more likely is that the Universe is going to match your vibration of happiness and self-worth, and bring you exactly what you want to achieve.

In order to be the person you want to be, however, you must act as that person.

Does the person you want to become is envious and greedy, or is it joyful, peaceful and feeling enough? When you know that you are enough, you release the need to constantly seek validation outside of yourself; you stop comparing to people who have what you want...because you realize that you already posses it within yourself.

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