How To Use The Ho’oponopono Meditation: For Forgiveness And Emotional Healing

Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love 

The Hawaiian word ho‘oponopono  derives from ho‘o (“to make”) and pono (“right”).  As you can see,  the word “pono” is repeated twice: to accentuate the dual action and effect of finding true closure: with oneself and the word. The ancient practice includes the repetition of four sentences : 

I love you! I am sorry! Please Forgive Me! Thank You!  

 It is incredible how powerful those four sentences can be. 

And how healing.

The Purpose And Method Of That Meditation 

Essentially, the ho‘oponopono chant is used to help us cut cords with the past, and transform and improve our current and future relationships. It is impossible to break free from the past if we don’t first heal from it.  Because until we do, we will keep attracting the same situations or people who would trigger similar (or even identical)  old fears, insecurities or still unredeemed traumatic experiences from our past (even memories that date back to when we were just born!). 

In order to cut cords (energetically) with people who have hurt us (including us) we need to be in a present state of forgiveness and love. SayingI am sorry to yourself (or a person you have wronged in the past) is, I find,  the most noble, humbling and liberating feeling.

Repentance/Acceptance Of Self

Even though the practice is navigated primarily to heal our relationship with other people, I have also been using it internally: addressing my own body with this potent feeling of repentance and compassion for all the times when I have mistreated it. Apologizing for all the years when I have not loved it; disregarded it; judged it; abused it; or simply didn’t honor its needs and wants. 

Accordingly, saying that we are sorry means more than an apology. It is a statement of self-acceptance. What has happened already IS and, as such, is already  imprinted in our memory. And we can`t change it. But we can alternate our reaction to it! By doing that we will gradually minimize (and even erase) its residue in our cellular cognition.  And heal.

Place your hand on your heart center and breathe into it…know that you can always move on. Our body is designed to heal and restore to its optimal health and emotional equilibrium. But, first, we need to clean it from the viruses of the past that have tried to invade our homeostasis with their harsh tongue and judgment


Forgiving ourselves is not less difficult than forgiving someone else. It may even be harder… Often, we are own harshest critic.  Saying that we forgive ourselves (and everybody who has hurt us) is the enlightened path that exits the vicious spiral of vengeance, victimization and on-going accusations. Forgive and forget. Allow your body to address its pains; listen attentively…and then let go. Whoever mistreated you (whether it was You, your parents, your spouse, co-worker, or a complete stranger)…it is now gone.

You have forgiven them. *

(*You need to be patient with the process and come to this practice regularly until you are completely healed and restored) 


From a law of attraction point of you, we are all energy. And in order to change our reality and to attract the kind of relationships/or circumstances we want,  to thrive and excel in every area of our life, we need to already be in a state of gratitude for having it.  And if your body (and mind) still holds on past judgment and self-actualization that is negative, you can`t possibly move forward, without carrying the same habitual patterns and emotional baggage. 

Saying “Thank You” to yourself (or the person/people/events) you are thinking of immediately creates space for you to surround your being with more positive emotions, experiences and overall healthier self-esteem. Because we all deserve (and are capable) to create the kind of life that makes us happy.


The most blissful sentence. And it`s a pity we often times tend to search it outside of ourselves.  Because no one can truly love us, if we don`t already love ourselves: just the way that we are, with all our imperfections and areas for improvement. Saying that you love, love, love yourself is the foundation of releasing all old limitations and blockages from giving and receiving love from others. 

Now please take a moment to close your eyes, tune in and repeat those sentences with focus, intention and unconditional acceptance, forgiveness, love and gratitude.

From my heart to yours,


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If it is easier, listen to this meditation first to get into the habit of repeating to yourself. 

Now I Pass It Onto You. 

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