The Importance Of Gratitude For Happiness

Because it is Thanksgiving today let’s collectively raise our gratitude practice: not just today but always.🥂💫

The daily habit of expressing gratitude sends signals to our brain to produce “happy” hormones like serotonin. The latter develops neurological pathways that create more positive thoughts in our subconscious mind. And, voila, you become happier and more abundant just by being grateful for the good that enters your life. Gratitude is the brush that paints the canvass of our vibrational state of being.



In addition, our gratitude should never be directed only towards “big” achievements or palpable (material) acquisitions. Gratitude encompasses being grateful for the air we breathe; for the water we drink; for the food we eat; and for the friends and strangers that cross our path to uplift our spirit and gift us with memories of laughter and joy.

My personal gratitude practice includes writing things down in my journal and mentally sending a “thank you” note to everyone and everything that brightens my day with their presence in my life. Just give it a try and you will experience tremendous shifts in your self-perception and the world around you.


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