Questions For Personal Reflection

If we only act in a way to please others we are trapped in a vicious cycle of defining our worth based on their approval.

My challenge to all of us is to closely monitor our behavior around the people that make us uncomfortable, anxious or self-conscious, and pay attention to the following marks:
🔅 Do you tend to alternate your behavior to replicate their style of expression, even if it contradicts with your usual manners?
🔅Do you catch yourself mirroring their body language and lexicon only to fit their mode?
🔅Do you act in a certain way in order to receive an external validation or compliments?
🔅Do you change your plans or goals if you don’t receive a round of applause and support?
🔅Do you constantly worry about how others perceive you even if their criticism doesn’t resonate with your intuition?
None of us is immune to the aftermath of living in a world absorbed with negative input.
But is our responsibility to recognize when our actions (or self-expression) are not in alignment with our authentic self and, instead, kindly shift our thoughts and behavior back to a modus of self-compassion, acceptance, and respect of our imperfections. 



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