Ultimate nutrition in one single meal!

Blend kale, half of cup of frozen mango, two cups of frozen peas (for plant-based protein) – and top with cucumber slices (for rehydration), cacao nibs (superfood for athletes/hikers providing long-lasting energy and essential micronutrients like Iron and Magnesium) , a tea spoon of hemp,chia (or flax) seeds (for your daily omegas intake), one brazil nut (for daily Selenium) and few prunes (for gastrointestinal health and fiber) 🙂

For sweetener I use stevia, an awesome sugar-free alternative 🙂

This is a great meal for a post or pre–workout refuel, as it has the perfect ratio of carbohydrates, fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and protein. 🙂

I usually eat it for dinner as I don’t get to eat very much during the day and smoothie bowls are very easy way to get your daily values in; plus, it looks pretty!:))

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