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Welcome To Luna Voda Coaching

Testimonies From Regular Customers

Rishma Gupta

Love the classes..  I always leave the class with relaxed and happy mind smile.

Thank you for conducting these classes!

Nesho Neshev

Great classes – I love the rhythms and the atmosphere! It is a great way to get your workout and Ana-Maria Georgieva’s passion for the dance it truly inspirational for the students.

Ginger Sue Marel

Ana-Maria Georgieva is terrific! I love her classes because she gets my old feet moving to some terrific music. I have taken Jazzersize and Zumba and they hurt my knees. I had to do some serious rehab to get them back in shape. Ana-Maria’s dance moves never bother my knees. I’m not an athlete but I have gotten stronger thanks to her. My knees and joints are all happy and more limber now! It has been a long time since I was a teenager, so these things…

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