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What others say

Originally posted on Welcome To Luna Voda Coaching:
Testimonies From Regular Customers Rishma Gupta Love the classes..  I always leave the class with relaxed and happy mind smile. Thank you for conducting these classes! Nesho Neshev Great classes – I love the rhythms and the atmosphere! It is a great way to get your workout…

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Tropical Breeze Smoothie

It`s getting hotter and I am getting dreamy about the sea. Here is a quick fix how to bring the “Hawaiian” taste in your smoothie. Blend some chard, few stick of celery, a couple of bananas, oz of frozen pineapple chunks and coconut water and enjoy! Follow me on Facebook Other smoothie ideas

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“No fig left behind” Smoothie

Smoothie bowls are a great way to get full and satiated while feeling light and energetic. Equation coming from choosing raw wholesome foods over packaged and high-fructose processed breakfast goodies that impede your digestion and glucose levels. Even if you go for the second kind occasionally your body will manage to balance itself out easier if […]

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