Traditional meets Modern/ Dates for April

Traditional meets Modern/ Dates for April

Me, in Bulgarian traditional costume.
I love mixing traditional rhythms, steps and patterns in one upbeat dance-fitness fusion.

'Bulgarian traditional costume, Chicago 2014
I love mixing traditional rhythms, steps and patterns into one modern @[1494850307413746:274:Balkan dance- fit]'
Classes in April:


Wednesdays – NEW – 5:30 -6:30pm

Downtown Seattle YMCA (909 Fourth Ave)

Sundays: 12:30 -1:30 pm – only on the 5th and 19th this month!
Harmony Ballroom (1407 132nd Ave NE)

Stay tuned:

Kickstart breakfast smoothie bowl

Kickstart breakfast smoothie bowl

Isn`t this color fascinating?

Kick-start your day with this vibrant breakfast. Blend one small to medium beet with a cup of raw or frozen strawberries, 2 small pears and one to two bananas. Fortify the nutritional value of your smoothie bowl with a spoon of Maca powder and a serving of chia seeds.

Maca powder boosts the immune system and reduces stress. It contains vitamins B1, B2, B12 and C to ensure proper functioning of the heart, the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, cell growth and adequate production of red blood cells, which will directly affect almost everything: energy state of the organism, growth, sexual stamina and overall health.

Chia seeds are ranked among the  “superfoods” for a reason: only a spoon of them provides you with your daily amount of omega-3s and is also full of fiber, protein, calcium and antioxidants.

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Enjoy and stay healthy!

Post-workout raw dinner for one

Post-workout raw dinner for one

Hello lovelies,

Here`s a quick and nutritious meal that can fill you up alone or serve it as a side dish.

What you need:

2 heads of lettuce and cherry tomatoes topped in the delicious and tart orange-mustard-turmeric dressing.

For the dressing:

Blend 2,3 celery sticks with one small orange, pear and jalapenos mustard and spice it up with a touch of cumin, curry, dill, a tea spoon of turmeric and some flakes of nutritional yeast

Savor the dish with balsamic vinegar and/or lemon and enjoy! ❤

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